My Academic Publications

This is a list of my academic publications, where possible with links to the publisher and archived versions. My publication list can also be found on my Google Scholar profile and in the appendix of my CV. Most of my publications in philosophy are available on my PhilPapers profile and the most recent publications are also available via the KU Leuven repository Lirias.

My academic publications.

Visual overview of my publications and citations (last update January 26, 2016).

Accepted/In press

  • Wenmackers, S.
    “The Snow White problem”
    Synthese, forthcoming (DOI: 10.1007/s11229-017-1647-x)                                                                                      (2015: IF = 0.7)
    <Synthese> <Lirias> <PhilSciArchive>
  • Benci, V.; Horsten, L.; Wenmackers, S.
    “Infinitesimal probabilities”
    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming (DOI: 10.1093/bjps/axw013).                                           (2015: IF = 1.7)
  • Wenmackers, S.
    “Infinitesimal probabilities”
    Book chapter (invited) for “Open Handbook of Formal Epistemology”, J. Weisberg and R. Pettigrew (eds.), accepted in 2015 pending final revision.
    <preprint available upon request>
  • Wenmackers, S.
    “Do Infinitesimal Probabilities Neutralize the Infinite Utility in Pascal’s Wager?”
    Book chapter (invited) for “Classic Arguments in the History of Philosophy: Pascal’s Wager”, P. Bartha and L. Pasternack (eds.) forthcoming with CUP
    <preprint available upon request>
  • Wenmackers, S.
    “Lost in Space and Time: A Quest for Conceptual Spaces in Physics”
    Book chapter for “Conceptual Spaces and Their Applications”, accepted in 2017 pending final revision.
    <preprint available upon request>


      • Douven, I; Wenmackers, S.
        “Inference to the best explanation versus Bayes’ rule in a social setting”
        British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 68, 535–570 (2017).                                            (2015: IF = 1.7)
        <BJPS>  <Lirias>
      • Douven, I; Wenmackers, S.; Jraissati, Y. ; Decock, L.
        “Measuring graded membership: the case of color”
        Cognitive Science 41, 686722 (2017).                                   (2015: IF = 2.7)
        <abstract>  <Lirias>


      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Children of the Cosmos”
        Chapter in: Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, and Zeeya Merali (eds.) “Trick or Truth?”, Frontier’s Collection, Springer (2016) pp. 5-20.
        <Springer>  <full preview of my chapter>  <preprint at Lirias>  <earlier (shorter) version FQXi>
      • Wenmackers, S.; Romeijn, J.-W.
        “New theory about old evidence; A framework for open-minded Bayesianism”
        Synthese 1931225–1250 (2016). (2015: IF = 0.7)
        <Synthese>  <Lirias>
      • Wenmackers, S.
        “‘Dat kan geen toeval zijn!’ Waarschijnlijkheid: over objectieve kansen en subjectieve graden van overtuiging”
        Chapter in: P. d’Hoine & B. Pattyn (eds.), Lessen voor de eenentwintigste eeuw, Volume 22, UP Leuven (2016) pp. 255–286.
      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Ballonnen boven de filosofische freesmachine”
        Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte 108, 145–149 (2016).
        DOI: 10.5117/ANTW2016.2.WENM
        <preprint at Lirias>  <Ingenta>


      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Zekerheid in de waarschijnlijkheidsleer”
        Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte 107, 167–172 (2015).
        DOI: 10.5117/ANTW2015.2.WENM
        <Lirias>  <Ingenta>


      • Wenmackers, S.; Vanpoucke, D.E.P.; Douven, I
        “Rationality: a social epistemology perspective”
        Frontiers in Psychology 5, article number 581, 14 pages (2014).         (IF = 2.6)
      • Decock, L.; Douven, I.; Kelp, C.; Wenmackers, S.
        “Knowledge and approximate knowledge”
        Erkenntnis 79, 1129–1150 (2014).
        DOI: 10.1007/s10670-013-9544-2
        <Springer>  <Lirias>
      • Krzyżanowska, K.; Wenmackers, S.; Douven, I.
        “Rethinking Gibbard’s riverboat argument”
        Studia Logica 102, 771–792 (2014).                                                 (IF = 0.6)
        <Springer>  <ResearchGate>
      • Peijnenburg, J.; Wenmackers, S.
        “Infinite regress in decision theory, philosophy of science, and formal epistemology” (Editorial)
        Synthese 191, 627–628 (2014).                                                       (IF = 0.7)
      • Pop, S.D.; Hinrichs, K.; Esser, N.; Wenmackers, S.; Cobet, C.; Zahn, D.R.T.
        “DNA structures on silicon and diamond”
        Book chapter in: “Ellipsometry of Functional Organic Surfaces and Films”, K. Hinrichs and K.-J. Eichhorn (eds. ), Vol. 52 of Springer Series in Surface Sciences; Springer, Berlin; ISBN 978-3-642-40127-5, pp. 47–59.


      • Benci, V.; Horsten, L. ; Wenmackers, S.
        “Non-Archimedean Probability (NAP)”
        Milan Journal of Mathematics 81, 121-151 (2013).                                     (IF = 0.8)
        <Milan Journal of Mathematics>  <arXiv>
      • Wenmackers, S.; Horsten, L.
        “Fair infinite lotteries”
        Synthese 190, 37-61 (2013).                                                                    (IF = 0.6)
        <Synthese>   <DocServer-RUG>
      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Ultralarge lotteries: analyzing the Lottery Paradox using non-standard analysis”
        Journal of Applied Logic 11, 452–467 (2013).                                             (IF = 0.4)
      • Krzyżanowska, K.; Wenmackers, S.; Douven, I.
        “Inferential conditionals and evidentiality”
        Journal of Logic, Language and Information 22, 315–334 (2013).
        <Springer>  <ResearchGate>


      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Ultralarge and infinite lotteries”
        Chapter in: Van Kerkhove, B.; Libert, T.; Vanpaemel, G.; Marage, P. (eds.) Logic, Philosophy and History of Science in Belgium II, Proceedings of the Young Researchers Days 2010, Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten, Brussels (2012) 59-66.
        <Version in PhD thesis>
      • Benci, V.; Horsten, L.; Wenmackers, S.
        “Axioms for Non-Archimedean Probability (NAP)”
        Chapter 12 in: De Vuyst, J.; L., Demey (eds.) Future Directions for Logic; Proceedings of PhDs in Logic III Vol. 2 of IfColog Proceedings, College Publications, London, UK (2012) 127-135.
      • Krzyżanowska, K.; Wenmackers, S.; Douven, I. ; Verbrugge, S.
        “Conditionals, inference, and evidentiality”
        Chapter 4 in: Szymanik, J.; R., Verbrugge (eds.) Proceedings of the Logic & Cognition Workshop at ESSLLI 2012; Opole, Poland, 13-17 August, 2012 Vol. 883 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings (2012) 38-47.
      • Wenmackers, S.; Vanpoucke, D.E.P.
        “Models and simulations in material science: two cases without error bars”
        Statistica Neerlandica 66, 339-355 (2012).                                                (IF = 0.6)
        <Statistica Neerlandica>
      • Wenmackers, S.; Vanpoucke, D.E.P. ; Douven, I.
        “Probability of inconsistencies in theory revision. A multi-agent model for updating logically interconnected beliefs under bounded confidence”
        European Physics Journal B 85, 44 (15 pages) (2012).                               (IF = 1.3)
        <European Physics Journal B>


      • Wenmackers, S.
        “How to track reality” (introduction to skepticism for general public).
        Chapter 1 in: Botz-Bornstein, T. (ed.) Inception and Philosophy; Ideas to die for (ISBN 978-0-8126-9733-9), Vol. 62 of Popular Culture and Philosophy series, Open Court (2011) 3-23.
        <Botz-Bornstein>   <OpenCourt>   Trailer: <YouTube>
      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Philosophy of probability: foundations, epistemology, and computation”
        PhD thesis, University of Groningen (2011). ISBN printed version: 978-90-367-4869-8; electronic version: 978-90-367-4870-4 (2011).
        <Thesis2011.pdf>   <Dissertations-RUG>
      • Tran, D.T.; Vermeeren, V.; Grieten, L.; Wenmackers, S.; Wagner, P.; Pollet, J.; Janssen, K.P.F.; Michiels, L; Lammertyn, J.
        “Nanocrystalline diamond impedimetric aptasensor for the label-free detection of human IgE”
        Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26, 2987-2993 (2011).                                 (IF = 5.6)
      • Vermeeren, V.; Grieten, L.; Vanden Bon, N.; Bijnens, N.; Wenmackers, S.; Janssens, S.D.; Haenen, K.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.
        “Impedimetric, diamond-based immmunosensor for the detection of C-Reactive Protein”
        Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 157, 130-138 (2011).                           (IF = 3.9)
        <SensorsActuatorsB>  <Lirias>


      • Vermeeren, V.; Bijnens, N.; Grieten, L.; Wenmackers, S.; Vanden Bon, N.; Haenen, K.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.
        “Diamond-based biosensors with an impedimetric and label-free read-out”
        Nanotechnology 2010: Bio Sensors, Instruments, Medical, Environment and Energy (ISBN: 978-1-4398-3415-2) Vol. 3, Ch. 1, 23-26 (2010).
      • Bäcker, M.; Poghossian, A.; Abouzar, M.H.; Wenmackers, S.; Janssens, S.D.; Haenen, K.; Wagner, P.; Schöning, M.J.
        “Capacitive field-effect (bio-)chemical sensors based on nanocrystalline diamond films”
        Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 1203, J17-31 (2010).
        <MRS>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Vansweevelt, R.; Malesevic, A.; Van Gompel, M.; Vanhulsel, A.; Wenmackers, S.; D’Haen, J.; Vermeeren, V.; Ameloot, M.; Michiels, L.; Van Haesendonck, C.; Wagner, P.
        “Biological modification of carbon nanowalls with DNA strands and hybridization experiments with complementary and mismatched DNA”
        Chemical Physics Letters 485, 196-201 (2010).                                         (IF = 2.3)
        <ChemPhysLett>   <VITO>


      • Wenmackers, S.; Vermeeren, V.; vandeVen, M.; Ameloot, M; Bijnens, N.; Haenen, K.; Michiels, L.; Wagner, P.
        “Diamond-based DNA sensors: surface functionalization and read-out strategies”
        physica status solidi (a) 206, 391-408 (2009).                                             (IF= 1.2)
        <pss(a)>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
        This cover article is also mentioned in “The best of PSS 2009“.
      • Bijnens, N.; Vermeeren, V.; Daenen, M.; Grieten, L.; Haenen, K.; Wenmackers, S.; Williams, O. A.; Ameloot, M.; vandeVen, M.; Michiels, L.; Wagner, P.
        “Synthetic diamond films as a platform material for label-free protein sensors”
        physica status solidi (a) 206, 520-526 (2009).                                             (IF= 1.2)
        <pss(a)>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Remes, Z.; Kromka, A.; Kozak, H.; Vanecek, M.; Haenen, K.; Wenmackers, S.
        “The infrared optical absorption spectra of the functionalized nanocrystalline diamond surface”
        Diamond and Related Materials 18, 772-775 (2009).                                    (IF= 1.8)
        <DRM>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Vermeeren, V.; Wenmackers, S.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.
        “DNA sensors with diamond as a promising alternative transducer material”
        Sensors 9, 5600-5636 (2009).                                                                   (IF= 1.8)
      • Smisdom, N.; Smets, I.; Williams, O.A.; Daenen, M.; Wenmackers, S.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; D’Haen, J.; Wagner, P.; Rigo, J.-M.; Ameloot, M.; vandeVen, M.
        “Chinese hamster ovary cell viability on hydrogen and oxygen terminated nano- and microcrystalline diamond surfaces”
        physica status solidi (a) 206, 2042-2047 (2009).                                          (IF= 1.2)
        <pss(a)>   <DocServer-UHasselt>


      • Wenmackers, S.; Pop, S. D.; Roodenko, K.; Vermeeren, V.; Williams, O. A.; Daenen, M.; Douhéret, O.; D’Haen, J.; Hardy, A.; Van Bael, M. K.; Hinrichs, K.; Cobet, C.; vandeVen, M.; Ameloot, M; Haenen, K.; Michiels, L.; Esser, N.; Wagner, P.
        “Structural and optical properties of DNA layers covalently attached to diamond surfaces”
        Langmuir 24, 7269-7299 (2008).                                                               (IF = 4.1)
        <Langmuir>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Vermeeren, V.*; Wenmackers, S.*; Daenen, M.; Haenen, K.; Williams, O. A.; Ameloot, M.; vandeVen, M.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.
        “Topographical and functional characterisation of the ssDNA probe layer generated through EDC-mediated covalent attachment to nanocrystalline diamond using fluorescence microscopy”
        Langmuir 24, 9125-9134 (2008).                                                               (IF = 4.1)
        (*: these authors contributed equally)
        <Langmuir>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Wenmackers, S.
        “Morphology, functionality and molecular conformation study of CVD diamond surfaces functionalised with organic linkers and DNA”
        PhD thesis, Hasselt University (2008).


      • Vermeeren, V.; Bijnens, N.; Wenmackers, S.; Daenen, M.; Haenen, K.; Williams, O. A.; Ameloot, M.; vandeVen, M.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.
        “Towards a real-time, label-free diamond-based DNA sensor”
        Langmuir 23, 13193-13202 (2007).                                                            (IF = 4.0)
        <Langmuir>   <DocServer-UHasselt>


      • Christiaens, P.; Vermeeren, V.; Wenmackers, S.; Daenen, M.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; vandeVen, M.; Ameloot, M.; Michiels, L.; Wagner, P.
        “EDC-mediated DNA attachment to nanocrystalline CVD diamond films”
        Biosensors & Bioelectronics 22, 170-177 (2006).                                       (IF = 4.1)
        <B&B>   <DocServer-UHasselt>


      • Wenmackers, S.; Christiaens, P.; Daenen, M.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; vandeVen, M.; Vermeeren, V.; Michiels, L.; Ameloot, M.; Wagner, P.
        “DNA attachment to nanocrystalline diamond films”
        physica status solidi (a) 202, 2212-2216 (2005).                                         (IF = 1.1)
        <pss(a)>   <DocServer-UHasselt>
      • Wenmackers, S.; Christiaens, P.; Deferme, W.; Daenen, M.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; Wagner, P.; Vermeeren, V.; Michiels, L.; vandeVen, M.; Ameloot, M.; Wouters, J.; Naelaerts, L.; Mekhalif, Z.
        “Head-on immobilization of DNA fragments on CVD-diamond layers”
        Materials Science Forum 492-493, 267-272 (2005).                                    (IF = 0.4)
        <MSF>   <DocServer-UHasselt>


      • vandeVen, M.; Wenmackers, S.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.; Ameloot, M.
        “Spectral confocal imaging and patterning effects of surface modified polycrystalline diamond films”
        Biophysical Journal (a) 86, 608A–609A (2004).


      • Wenmackers, S.; Haenen, K.; Nesládek, M.; Wagner, P.; Michiels, L.; vandeVen, M.; Ameloot, M.
        “Covalent immobilization of DNA on CVD diamond films”
        physica status solidi (a) 199, 44-48 (2003).                                                (IF = 1.0)
        <pss(a)>   <DocServer-UHasselt>


    • Wenmackers, S.
      “Einstein is dood, leve de fysica” (in Dutch)
      Winner in category “younger than 25” in essay competition of the Royal Physical Society (Koninklijk Natuurkundig Genootschap, KNG) of Groningen, the Netherlands.
      Natuur en Techniek 7-8, 52-53 (2001).